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Scott Childs

Manager of Operations

   Scott has over 38 years experience working in all aspects the marine industry. From sales, parts management, service and warranty administration. He holds a master certification with Mercury Marine and mercury Racing along with certifications in other  manufacture products. Scott is a graduate of Pell City High School, Gadsden State Community College along with Stemknock and Associates School of Service Management.  


   He has dabbled in racing Motocross, off-road trucks, outboard drags to offshore and even winning a Pacific Professional Offshore Association P4 Class World Championship in 2006.

   Starting in the marine industry 1980 at his family owned dealership. Later after the sale of the dealership he moved to one of the largest dealers in the state of Alabama. This dealer sold over 900 power boats per year. 

   The dealership had a state-of-the-art service department with 18 service employees of which Scott oversaw. Scott and his crew rigged and serviced thousands of boats through out the years, from 5 various states. Everyone knew if you needed a little extra speed or just wanted it fix right to call Scott! 


   Scott was later offered a position with Mercury R&D. He accepted the job and moved his family to Panama City Florida. He worked for Mercury R&D at the beginning of the Verado project until the release of the 350sci Verado. He specialized in mechanical failure analysis and calibrations. 


   Scott later moved on to Mercury Racing where he was a plant manager for Mercury Racing R&D along with Offshore Racing and manufacture support. While he was working  for Mercury Racing R&D he had his hands on the 600-700sci, 850-1650 sci, and the 3.2L stroke outboard. Scott was a big hit in the Offshore, Pokerrun and Tunnel boat community.  Anyone with affiliations in these groups knew who Scott Childs was. Everyone knew if you wanted your boat be a top performer wether for their enjoyment or a serious offshore competitor Scott would be the man for the job. As the years passed and the US economy crashed, Mercury Racing closed their Florida location and was no longer offering Race Support. 

   He found himself debating on another family move to Fond Du Lac Wisconsin or finding employment elsewhere. Scott was then approached by Legendary Marine. (aka One Water Marine. ) He was offered a position in their all new performance boat center, he accepted. 

   The following year Scott was approached by Stephen Page of Page Racing, offering him a part time position of Crew Chief of  Page Racing Offshore Supercat. Scott accepted.  Later, Steve offered him the position of Operations Manager of Page Global Marine. He took on the position. This is where you will find Scott today managing day to day operations. 



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